Wild Scottish Summer - A Collection of Botanical Cocktails

A range of light and refreshing cocktail recipes using our botanical spirits. Perfect to enjoy over the summer months.

It’s that time of year. The days are getting longer, the sky is a hopeful shade of blue and us Scots are scouting for any excuse to enjoy a few drinks in the back garden, no matter the day of the week. You’ve got it, it’s summer. 

For us, summer is a time to appreciate nature in all of its glory. The local wildlife come out to play, native flowers and plants are in full bloom and our forests are bountiful with fruit. 

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite botanical cocktail recipes which we feel capture the essence of nature's thrive in summer. 

Whether you’re looking for something light and refreshing to enjoy on a sunny afternoon with a good book. Or, if you fancy welcoming in the weekend with a fruity punch. We’ve got a taste for every occasion using some of our favourite botanical spirits.


Foresters Punch

A refreshingly fruity long drink to sip on a hot summer’s afternoon spent basking in the Scottish sun.


Foresters Punch Highland Boundary

In a tall glass with crushed ice add the Birch and Elderflower Wild Scottish Spirit, lime juice, grenadine and Angostura bitters.  Stir, top up with soda water, garnish with mint and serve.  


- 50ml Birch and Elderflower Wild Scottish Spirit
- 25ml Lime juice
- 15ml Grenadine
- 3 dashes of Angostura bitters
- Crushed Ice
- Sprig of mint for garnish

The Macjito 

Fusing floral flavours into the classic fresh taste of a mojito to add a wild Scottish twist.

 The Macjito Highland Boundary

Place the mint and lime segments in the bottom of a large glass, then pour over the Birch and Elderflower spirit, lime juice and Elderflower syrup (or other). Using a bar spoon, vigorously mix and muddle the ingredients to release the flavour of the mint. Add a generous quantity of crushed ice, stir well and the top up with soda water. Give it a final stir for good luck and serve.



- A big handful of mint sprigs (5-6)
- Birch and Elderflower Wild Scottish Spirit (50mls)
- Lime juice (25mls)
- dashes of sugar syrup (Elderflower or Mint for extra flavour)
- Lime segments (3-4)
- Crushed ice
- Soda or Sparkling water

Highland Jungle

A splash of tropical sunshine with the wild Highlands. One sip and you’ll be transported to the peace and serenity of your own tropical paradise!


 Highland Jungle Highland Boundary


Pour 25ml of the tequila into a pot along with 1 tbsp coconut oil. Heat and stir until oil has dissolved into the rest of the liquid.  Pour entire pot contents into a sealable jar and leave to infuse at room temperature for 2-3 days. Repeat once more and leave for another 2-3 days. Simply cut a hole in the layer of coconut oil and pour out the contents. 

Fill a highball with ice and pour in every ingredient except the soft drink. Stir until well combined.  Top off with your tropical soft drink or ginger ale of choice and garnish with a few pineapple fronds and a reusable straw. 

Recipe by Jack of Scottish Mixology.


- 25ml Highland Boundary
- 25ml coconut rum or tequila infused with coconut oil
- 25ml pineapple juice
- 15ml grapefruit juice
- Top off with a tropical soft drink or ginger ale of choice

Woodland Wonder.

A cocktail like a colourful stroll through the wild woods. Bursting with berry flavours and smooth to drink.


Woodland Wonder Highland Boundary

This is a simple yet stunningly colourful cocktail to make. Add ice to a cocktail shaker and pour over the Birch and Elderflower spirit with the liqueur and blueberry juice. Shake vigorously and pour through a strainer into a martini glass. Garnish with a blueberry or raspberry and mint leaf.


- Birch and Elderflower Wild Scottish Spirit (25mls)
- Raspberry, Blackcurrant or Cherry liqueur (10mls)
- Blaeberry/Blueberry juice (150mls)
- Blaeberry or Raspberry and mint leaf to garnish
- Ice

Wild Appletini

A sweet taste of fresh fruit served well on a warm summer’s evening watching the sun go down.


Wild Appletini 

The apple martini or Appletini brings fresh, fruity flavours to a smooth drink.  In a cocktail mixer add some ice and pour in the Birch and Elderflower together with the Calvados.  Stir and add the cloudy apple juice.  Shake and strain out the ice whilst pouring into a martini glass.  Garnish with a sprig of mint or a slice of apple.  


- Highland Boundary Birch and Elderflower (25mls)
- Calvados/Apple Brandy (10mls)
- Cloudy Apple Juice (150mls)
- Mint sprig or slice of apple


If you try out any of our Highland Boundary summer cocktail recipes then make sure to send in a picture of your delicious creations!