What Are Botanical Spirits?

Naturally made and lovingly poured, botanical spirits stand alone on the drinks shelf. Read our latest article to find out more about the unique botanical spirit...

Naturally made and lovingly poured, botanical spirits stand alone on the drinks shelf. Whilst they
don’t make the easy cut as a gin, nor vodka, one thing is for sure, you’ve never tasted anything
quite like them. Naturally sourced botanicals carefully combined with the purest form of alcohol
make for the most wonderful explosion of flavours.

Let’s talk ingredients

At the heart of every bottle of botanical spirit is its purity. In our case, handpicked flowers,
leaves, berries and other parts of plants are deliberately designed with a taste palette in mind
and distilled with local grain spirit and fresh highland spring water. It’s simple and pure in its
approach. No endless list of chemicals, no ingredients from overseas, we step back and let
Mother Nature take the reins.

In the case of Highland Boundary, we are lucky enough to be located right on the cusp of the
beautiful wilderness of the Scottish Highlands. It’s this natural beauty and wilderness that we
aim to capture in every bottle and share with you through the flavours that make up this
wonderful landscape.


Collecting botanical spirits for highland boundary wild and botanical spirit

Why choose botanical spirits?

Firstly, by choosing to drink botanical spirits you open up your senses to a whole new whirlwind
of tasty flavours that only nature can provide. Explore something different and open your taste-
buds to whole new, natural flavours. You are also supporting ethical distillers like us on our
journey to spread the word on sustainable methods for producing drinks. We value the nature
that supports our products so in return we make a conscious effort to protect, improve and grow
these places. And as mentioned before, we hand-pick all of our ingredients whilst out on a
country stroll, basket in hand with no need for machinery.

How to serve botanical spirits

Once the bottle is in your hand you have total creative freedom on how to enjoy your botanical
spirit. We aim for smooth so you can serve as a nip with ice, and maybe a dash of a soft mixer
if you don’t like it quite so strong. Really explore and indulge yourselves in the unique flavours
as you like. Or, how about bringing out your inner bartender and mix your botanical spirit with
natural fruit juices and cordials to create absolutely scrumptious cocktails. They’re easy to make
and impress your friends with. Read more here about how to serve botanical spirits.

We hope that by sharing our passion for naturally made spirits that we can tingle your taste
buds into trying some for yourself. Shop our range of Scottish crafted botanical spirits here.