Our favourite cocktail recipes using the Highland Boundary’s Larch & Honeysuckle spirit.

The unusual pairing of larch and honeysuckle in our newest addition to the Highland Boundary botanical spirit range gave us an exciting new scope to create wonderful cocktail recipes. If you haven’t yet tried it, the spirit is a real aroma of flavours. The essence of honeysuckle brings a sweet floral punch, whilst the larch compliments with its mellow palette of spices. 

Here are some creative ways that you can put your bottle of Highland Boundary’s Larch & Honeysuckle spirit to use making your very own cocktails. 


Highland Cosmo

Highland Cosmo Cocktail

Add a botanical twist to your classic cosmopolitan cocktail recipe with our Highland Cosmo. To create the cocktail itself, you simply need a shaker and some ice to combine all of your ingredients and strain.

The tricky part, if you fancy yourself the more advanced mixologist, is the garnish. Carefully hold a 3cm strip of orange zest over the cosmo and carefully wave over a small flame and bend. The heat will extract those wonderful orange oils and you can pop the zest into the cosmo once done for the full effect. It is a little fiddly, so not to worry, a simple slice or squeeze of orange juice will also do the job.

  • 50mls Larch and Honeysuckle Spirit
  • 50mls Cranberry Juice
  • 25mls Cointreau or orange liqueur
  • 25mls Lemon Juice
  • 25mls Elderflower Syrup
  • Ice
  • Orange zest

Honeysuckle Custard

Honeysuckle Custard Cocktail

Thanks to our good friend Jack of Scottish Mixology for creating this delicious recipe inspired by our Larch and Honeysuckle spirit. This is one for those who enjoy a fruity flair!

 Muddle raspberries in a cocktail shaker and add all other ingredients. Fill with ice and shake until frosty.  Fill a highball with crushed ice and strain in shaker contents up to about 80%.  Top up with more crushed ice and garnish.

  • 30ml Larch & Honeysuckle Wild Scottish Spirit
  • 30ml Wester Pineapple pot still rum
  • 30ml Açai juice
  • 20ml Advocaat
  • 7 Raspberries (muddled)
  • 20ml Nepalernum*
  • 30ml Lime juice

*400ml water, 1 piece of ginger (grated), 1 tbsp toasted Timur berries/Timur peppercorns, 1 tbsp toasted cloves, juice & zest of 3 limes, 1 tbsp toasted almonds, 800g golden caster sugar. Simmer all for 20 minutes and leave to infuse overnight. Strain and pour into sterile containers.


Frith Cocktail

Our work is constantly inspired by the wonders of the Scottish landscapes and this next recipe is no exception. In ancient times a Frith was a Scottish hunting forest, so for this cocktail, we’re combining the flavours of two mighty trees, larch and pine. Grab your fanciest tall glass and pour our Larch & Honeysuckle spirit, Scots Pine syrup and green ginger wine over ice. Mix well, then unsparingly pour in the ginger ale. Top it all off with a slice of lemon and a few drops of Scots Pine Tincture to finish.

  • 50ml Larch and Honeysuckle Spirit
  • 25ml Green Ginger Wine
  • 25ml Scots Pine Syrup
  • Ice
  • Ginger Ale
  • Slice of lemon to garnish
    Few drops of Scots Pine Tincture on the top

Wild Southside Fizz

Wild Southside Fizz

A refreshing taste on a classic, the Wild Southside Fizz is the long alternative to our Wild Southside recipe. Along with our Honeysuckle and Larch spirit, we’re adding in flavours of vibrant citrus and the sweetness of elderflower into the shaker. Strain and pour into a tall glass then top with soda water. Now you’ve got yourself the perfect refreshing drink after a long days work, or a Saturday afternoon in the garden. 

To create the Wild Southside, simply follow the recipe below without the soda water and pour into a martini glass.

  • 50mls Larch and Honeysuckle Spirit
  • 25mls Lime Juice
  • 15mls Elderflower syrup
  • 100-150mls soda water
  • Ice
  • 6-8 mint leaves
  • Lemon and mint leaves for garnish


Coorie Doon

Coorie Doon Cocktail

‘Coorie Doon’ in Scots translates to a warm hug from a loved one, being wrapped tightly in the comfort of a blanket and snuggling down for the night. Lovely, isn’t it? We thought so, hence why we created the Coorie Doon cocktail inspired by those cold Winter’s nights spent cuddled up indoors with family and loved ones.

Something a little different for us, we’re making a cocktail best served hot. Combine all of the ingredients except for the orange into a saucepan and gradually heat. Keep the temperature steady and try not to boil. Heat for a few minutes and allow all of those beautiful flavours of Autumn and Winter to blend before careful pouring into your glass and add a slice of orange.

  • 50mls Birch and Sloe Wild Scottish Liqueur
  • 25mls Larch and Honeysuckle Wild Scottish Spirit
  • 150mls cranberry juice
  • 25mls lemon juice
  • 25mls plain sugar syrup
  • 3 small pieces of fresh ginger
  • Slice of orange for garnish


If you try out any of our cocktail recipes at home, then be sure to post them online and tag us! We love to see your favourite way to serve our Highland Boundary botanical spirits. 

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