Our local community is vital for us

The Alyth community is a special one

We care about the local community we live and work in and we both volunteer in local community groups.  Marian led the Alyth Hill Users Group for 3 years during which time the local community orchard and mountain bike trails were created.  Simon volunteers with the local development trust which works on a range of different projects for the benefit of the community, most recently the re-development of the town market square.  

Marian and Simon are both co-founders of Cateran's Commonwealth, a group formed to celebrate the valuable assets that we hold in common and ignite a fresh approach to helping rural communities sustain themselves.  Within this, Marian was responsible for creating "The Storybox" in Alyth town square, a magical time-travelling oral history museum housed in a phone box.

The town of Alyth is renowned for its community spirit, friendliness, warm welcome and openness.  Highland Boundary is a small, craft business that works with and relies on the support of the local community to thrive - that's why community matters to us.