A farm with the big view

Kirklandbank Farm and the local area are steeped in history - we farm Hebridean sheep, an old breed for new times and we offer a warm welcome for holiday makers staying in the original farmhouse.

Our farm name goes back to at least the 15th Century with the current buildings dating from the 19th Century.  Kirklandbank sits on the south facing slopes of Alyth Hill high above the Valley of Strathmore, famed for its soft fruit berries.

Our farm lies on the long distance Cateran Trail, one of Scotland 'Great Trails' running for 64 miles through Perthshire and the Angus glens.  The trail follows old drove roads and ancient tracks once used by the Caterans - fearsome cattle thieves who raided in the area from the Middle Ages to the 17th Century. 

On Kirklandbank Farm we breed Hebridean sheep for meat and wool.  Hebrideans are a native Scottish breed related to ancient sheep from pre-historic times.  They are finely boned, hardy animals with a pure black fleece.  Hebridean lamb is rising in popularity as a healthy, flavoursome alternative to commercially grown lamb.  The lambs are slow maturing and slaughtered at 18 months (technically speaking hoggit at this stage) resulting in meat with a distinctive 'gamey' flavour that is lean and low in cholesterol.  Like our spirit, this lamb is different, it is specially cared for and as a result finds it way into unique restaurants.

We give a warm welcome for holiday makers to our Farm, who can rent the original farmhouse, relax and enjoy the stunning views, many activities in the area and they can help out on the Farm if they wish....and many do.