IWSC Silver medal for spirit

'A great spirit' - IWSC. Highland Boundary Distillery has been awarded a Silver medal at the illustrious International Wine and Spirits Competition.

Our Birch and Elderflower Wild Scottish Spirit has been awarded Silver at the illustrious and influential IWSC. Highland Boundary was recognised in the Flavoured Spirits category.

With the judges awarding the spirit 91 points from a possible 100 their tasting notes described our spirit in the following way:

"This smells of a fine forest floor after a rain, reminiscent of pine, with an incredibly well-transferred elderflower note.  It tastes natural and is very elegant and subtle, with a nice balanced palate and a true harmony between flavours, alcohol and the oily texture.  It is refreshing and long on the finish.  A great spirit."

We are delighted that the first release from our distillery has now been awarded both a gold medal from the San Francisco World Spirits competition and now a Silver Medal from the IWSC - the two largest and most important spirits competitions in the world.  

Our modern, Scottish spirits are a new category of botanical spirits to the UK and so it’s genuinely wonderful that our industry colleagues have recognised the premium quality of our product and the unique flavour. 

We're humbled by both of these the awards and they inspire us on our venture to release more new and exciting spirits to the market.  It also gives us a chance to once again thank the many people, enterprises and institutions that have helped us get to this stage - so a huge thank-you!

We firmly believe there are great natural flavours available to us from the forests and wild spaces of Scotland and we will continue to strive to produce high quality, modern, Scottish botanical spirits that surprise and delight customers.