Elderflower and its magical powers

Fragrant, creamy-white Elderflower is sweet, summery and heaped with symbolism.

Elderflowers come from the Elder tree (Sambucus nigra) that grows to the relatively small height of 5-10m.  Flat-topped clusters of tiny, creamy-white flowers appear in May/June and the fragrance is sweet and summery with the flowers developing into purple elderberries later in the Summer.

Elderflowers have many different culinary uses from drinks to desserts, so if you want to dip your toe into the world of foraging, they're a great place to start.

In ancient mythology, the Elder tree is highly sacred with a spirit known as the Elder Mother, or Hylde Moer in Danish, living inside the tree.  Legend has it that magical powers from the Elder Mother are gifted by her to parts of the tree and it has long been recognised and prized as a medicinal tree.  

The Elder is symbolic of endings and rebirth from it's association with the Celtic festival of Samhain (Halloween) and Elder branches are hung over the doors to ward off evil spirits.