5 kind gestures you can do this Mother’s Day

A little act of kindness goes a long way.

Spring is on the way and with it comes our annual celebration of Mothering Sunday. A day dedicated to the special female figures in our lives. Grandmothers, aunties, Mothers, Sunday the 14th of March 2021 is all about you. Of course, the shops are stacked with lavender-scented candles, plush teddies, and many a pyjama set, but, sometimes all it takes is a simple kind gesture to show the special lady in your life how much she means to you.

At this current time we are all missing a little human connection, and to many the best gift to receive on Mother’s Day 2021 would be a big hug from a loved one. Whilst that might not be possible due to household rules, you can still spoil your Mum with heartfelt kind gestures. A perfect alternative to expensive gifts or your usual afternoon tea in a local coffee shop. 

Here are some simple ways that you can put a huge smile on your favourite lady’s face.


Reminisce your most cherished memories together

Take your Mum on a nostalgic trip down memory lane and reminisce about your favourite and funniest memories together. Everything from early school days to your cringey teen tantrums and questionable fashion - we’ve all been there! Even better you can dust off the old photo albums or holiday video tapes and watch the memories flood back as you both end up in hysterical tears of joy and giggles. Perhaps even ask your Grandmother, Mother or auntie to discuss their younger days so you can find out so much more about them as a person. 

What’s so special about this Mother’s Day idea is that you share these moments over the phone or via video call if it’s not possible to spend time with your Mum in person. 


Plan a picnic

 Dining out might not be on the cards this year but why don’t you surprise your wonderful woman with a picnic. If safe to do so and within guidelines, you can pack a hamper and head to one of your shared favourite beauty spots. If not, the garden is always a perfect alternative. You can pack their favourite food, maybe even order in from a local business, and if you do opt for a picnic in the garden you have the added bonus of popping a bottle of prosecco!

You can create a handmade invitation to give a few days in advance and plan some fun things to do at your picnic. This could include listening to a playlist you’ve made specially for the day, going on a walk before your picnic, even bringing the photo album along with you.

If you do choose to organise a Mother’s Day picnic then we promise to keep our fingers crossed for a nice sunny day!


Enjoy shared hobbies together

Set aside a day that you and your Mum can do a fun activity together. Perhaps your favourite pastime together is kicking back to watch the football with some snacks. Or, maybe you both have a passion for crafting, or as a kid you spent a lot of time baking together and fancy a little nostalgia. Buy in any of the supplies you may need and enjoy spending quality time together. You can work on a project or recipe together or if you have a bit of a competitive streak you can make it into a competition where the rest of the household decide who wins. Second place has to do the dishes for a week!


Start your own book club

This is such a lovely idea for the lady in your life that is a bit of a bookworm and the best thing is it doesn’t just have to be for Mother’s Day. You can gift her a book that you think she’ll like and purchase the same one for yourself. Then, each week or month you can discuss recent chapters and predict where the story line is going to go. 

Again, you can do this remotely. Post the book to your Grandmother, Mother or auntie’s house and catch up virtually via video or on the phone to discuss the book. You can even get a few people involved, family members or friends, and start up a group chat so that nobody feels left out. 


Hand make a Mother’s Day gift and card

Nothing says heartfelt like a personalised handmade gift and card. You can scroll the internet or Pinterest for fabulous DIY ideas on what you can create to show your gratitude this Mother’s Day.  This is a particularly good idea if you have little ones who want to show their Mum or Grandmother how much they mean by getting crafty. They can show off their art skills all whilst making something for Mum to cherish forever. 


Here are a few crafty ideas to get you started.

  • Paint prints - this is perfect for little kids. Simply get some paper and paint and get the children to coat their hands or feet with paint and print onto paper. Once dry, you can write a message and put everyone’s names and ages next to their prints then fame it.
  • A memory jar - another simple handmade gift idea perfect for any age. All you need is a jar, you can decorate as you wish, and some paper. Write lots of different memories or kind words onto individual cut outs of paper and folder them up tight so you can see what’s written. Fill your jar up and whenever your Mum is feeling a little down or nostalgic she can pull out random memories or notes that will make her smile. 
  • Gin bottle side light - bare with us! If your Mum is a gin lover (who isn’t?) you can make a lovely ornament from one of her favourite gin or spirit bottles. Simply clean out the bottle well, remove any unwanted labels and fill with some fairy lights. Take a look at creative spaces such as Etsy for some inspiration on this one. Not only does she receive a fabulous gift, but you are also recycling.

We hope you’ve taken away some ideas on how to spoil your Mum and show her how grateful you are for her. From all of the team at Highland Boundary we hope that you and your family have a wonderful Mothering Sunday.